Class Assignments

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Reading Reflections Quizzes

Link to questions and answers of past quizzes here.

Grades are on Canvas.

Reflections One

Taking time to reflect on experiences is known to improve understanding and learning. We'd like you to take some time now to reflect on your experiences so far, in particular your first meeting at HARP. We also want to hear about any potential team dynamic problems now so we can help fix them. While we will know who you are, these comments are otherwise anonymous. Complete THIS FORM by Tuesday, October 9th

To Siri With Love Homework: Autism and Technology

Due Thursday, October 11. In the To Siri With Love reading, Judith Newman describes ways that technology can be a useful tool for people on the autism spectrum. Now that you met your HARP student, in teams of two, prototype a technology tool that might be helpful to them. The tool can be an app on one of their devices, or it might be an interactive installation, or any other sort of technology tool you can imagine. You don’t need to know how to build it, just imagine what it might be, how it might work, and why it would be of use to your HARP student.

In this case, we are looking for you to do a bit of brainstorming, and then write no more than a page about what the tool would be and why it would be useful for your particular HARP student.

  • 1 point: In your description and design, did you consider the interests of your HARP student?

  • 1 point: In your description and the design, did you take into account the limitations and special needs of your HARP student?

  • 1 point: Do you clearly describe why the student would want to use this tool?

  • 5 points: Is your sketch/design comprehensive and thoughtful in the way you consider each part of the user experience from the first moment they interact with it to the end?

  • 2 points: Is your sketch/design creative? Did you make an effort to think “outside the box” to come up with something that is unique, playful, meaningful, or even delightful?

Three Minute Video

Build out delight experience with your team, using the design thinking process (above). Frame the question, create a journey map, gather inspiration by observing and talking with users, generate ideas, make a prototype, test to learn, iterate, test again, share the story with a 3 minute video.  Due Monday, Sept. 24 at 4:30 PM.

  • In your team, choose a P, M, or T from the list of pitches. Frame the question, make a journey map, and observe/interview users.

  • Brainstorm your P, M, or T solution (brainstorm what might work and what might not)

  • Build a prototype you can test.

  • Test it with the intended users

  • Iterate in some way

  • Test again

  • Videotape the entire process and edit a three minute video showing the process and results.  Be sure to show reactions that demonstrate success...or not.

Grading will be based on whether you follow and document the design thinking process (8/10) Plus 1/10 on Creativity, and 1/10 on Effort.

Twitter Diaries

Create a Twitter Account for the class (if you don’t already have one you want to use). We want you to build your capacity for delight by paying attention and keeping track. Every week, post an average of three delightful moments you observe, create, participate in. Use #ImpactDesignF18. You can upload photos you’ve taken or just make note of the moment. In addition, you need to post an average of one post per week that notes a moment of “not delight” or “pain points”. While we understand you may not do four posts every week, we do want an average of four per week. You cannot do a big “delight” dump, posting them all in one or two weeks. They have to be spread out throughout the term in order to be meaningful.

One Minute Pitch


  • Read chapter 1&2 of Power of Moments (Handout or attached) before you do your assignment

  • Each of you will Identify an opportunity for delight for your assigned (Pit, Milestone, Transition) that is within scope and create a one minute pitch to present in class on Tuesday, Sept. 18

    • Be sure you can answer the question: Why is it a P, M or T worth creating a moment around?  

      • NO line anywhere

      • DO NOT come up with a solution

      • Make sure it is within scope (not trying to fix the quarter system, for example)

    • Make a 1 minute (MAX) pitch with no more than 2 slides

      • What is the opportunity - P,M,T?

      • Why it matters?

      • Why it is an opportunity?


      • Turn you pitch slides and pitch in HERE

Complete Forms to Create Teams and Sign up for Slack

Teams for HARP Project:  We will be choosing teams in the by Sept. 24th.  The deadline for completing the two surveys (WhenIsGood and Google Form) is by the end of class on Sept. 20th.   

This link (and link below) will show you all the possible times for the HARP meetings.  Please click on whenever you are available.  Remember that meetings will be at HARP and plan at least 15 minutes for travel in each direction.  If you find that very few of these dates/times work for you and we cannot find a group for you because of it, you may need to drop the class.  Everyone’s group needs to go to HARP three times: once between 9/29-10/3, once between 10/15-10/19 and once between 10/30-11/9.  HARP can only accommodate one group at a time,  

Note all times you are available using the whenisgood link so we have a lot of options. Please keep in mind that although the scheduler shows increments of 30 minutes, it is likely that each of these meetings will take up to an hour each plus travel time.

In addition, fill out this form.  It will provide a bit more information for when we make the teams.

Slack: Slack is a good tool for communicating within and between your teams and will be our primary tool for communication in this course.  You were all sent an invitation to join our Slack group.  Look for it and accept the invitation.  You can have your Slack messages forward to your email and set up notifications, if you don't think you will check Slack regularly.